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Ana (a certified and licensed Aromatherapist) was born and raised in South America, Uruguay until she was eleven.  She grew up learning how to use local herbs for home remedies from her grandparents; so even after she moved to the United States, it seemed first nature for her to make things that her family needed, rather than to buy them at a high cost. When she had her own family she was disturbed by the high prices for quality products for her own family. Her children are her inspiration to make amazing products at a reasonable price that all families can enjoy them as well.


We are a very motivated family who wants to live a "green life" as much as possible. Ana tries to grow as much as possible for our area of the herbs we use and makes products that we use in our home daily.  Always learning, taking care of the earth while it takes care of us every day.  This is an important lesson she tries to pass down to her children.  We are homeschoolers and our family is always trying to better our lives through learning.  She teaches her children that we can make a difference and strive to live as natural as possible -this will also help keep us healthy.  We are very blessed to be growing and continue to develop and improve throughout this beautiful journey.


We are happy to announce Ana's Aromatherapy Certification and diploma that has allowed her to expand the product line, to include Aromatherapy Candles and specially blended oils, for the whole family to enjoy.  These are candles that you can also benefit by using as lotion and get double the benefits.


One of our favorites is called Concentrate (available in Candles and Blended oils) - we use it in our home daily.  This specially blended formula helps us stay focused and get things done more effectively; it also helps us remember what we have studied and what as we are learning.  Sin Flu is always burning when we are getting around flu season.  We feel safe protecting our home with an antiseptic candle or oil with no additional junk.  We use the Body Butter as our family's moisturizer and sun-block; this one also spoils mommy's skin and keeps her looking younger... longer.  Our ALL NATURAL bug-repellent smells amazing and lasts for 2+ hrs  ...you can use this on the dogs too.  When we have minor wounds we use Bee's-Aid to sooth our skin and help our skin heal faster.  We are trying to use all natural remedies to heal all of our ailments.  We believe in working with all the plants God put on this green earth to prevent, heal or improve our way of living.  We are constantly trying to improve our products using nature's best ingredients.  At the same time, we are growing a deeper hunger for learning anything that will improve our way of thinking, living and ultimately, continue to develop eco-friendly products. 


Everything that we make, we use in our own home daily.  We love the life we live and put great efforts into loving what we do.  All of Ana's Corner products are made with 100% love and We Guarantee It!  Loving and Laughing while Living is an essential need in our family.  We hope that you enjoy our website and our products. 


From my home to yours,

God Bless.




P.S.  Ana has been in business for more than ten years and we define our success by achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. Want to find out more about our company?

We look forward to providing you the best nature has to offer!




Ana Rodriguez

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