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Essential Oils
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Oils can used on skin, clothing, & burners. Passion is an Aphrodisiac. Peace & Joy will give a sense of calming, relaxing and empowering. Sin Flu has all Antiseptic, a natural and safe protection. Concentrate will allow focus, concentrate, remembrance & Empowerment.

Aromatherapy Blends
Aromatherapy Candle - Glass Jar
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Candles change the mood, protect home & purify the air with 100% pure custom blended essential oils. Containing 100% soy wax and all natural Hemp wicks. These candles can be used to rub on the skin as a moisturizer and enhance the oils benefits directly. Burns any 65 + hours.

Aromatherapy Candle - Glass Jar
Buen Essential Leave in Hair Conditioner
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Leave in Conditioner for hair growth, to balance the scalp and to bring out your natural shine. The scent is very uplifting. Massage into scalp after washing hair to encourage new hair growth. Get rid of fizz by applying on the tips of hair while hair is dry. You will fall in love!

Buen Essentials Leave-in Hair Conditioner
Natural Soaps
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Spring rain scent or unscented for sensitive skin. Hemp is for oily skin, as it exfoliates your skin. Shea butter is for dry skin and shaving. Ana's Blend is for someone who is looking for a great bar.

Natural Soaps
Headache oil safe for the skin
12.00 USD
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Apply on pressure points behind ears, forehead, on the head above the neck, and on the inside of your wrist to smell. Smell scent and wait about 5 minutes for your migraine headache and pressure to diminish.

Pain Oil safe for the skin
20.00 USD
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For muscles and joint pain. Apply on the affected area after showering. Applying 3-5 drops are more than enough. Ask yourself from 1-10 how bad is your pain level. 8 minutes after applying Pain Oil ask yourself what is the pain level now. Most the people say " what pain?"

Ana's Body Butter

Ana's Body Butter is AMAZING!!! Has no scent so even Dad can use to moisturize, protect from harmful sun rays and tighten skin. This will spoil MOM with a profound all day moisturizing look and feel.

Ana's Body Butter
Bee's- Aid
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For any first aid from a baby's diaper rash up to a 3rd-degree burn. The scent will calm your nerves as the balm speeds up the healing process. Make this your new favorite lip balm as it is very advanced for any kind of emergency and mental calming effects.

Herbal Teas
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Yerba Mate for mental focus with antioxidants as well as a simple detox. Add Yerba Mate to your daily routine and get focused as you give your body a natural way to get your day going. Enjoy not crashing like coffee as you pass the day. Use hot but not boiling water for best flavor.

Ana's Teas

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