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  • Cathy Cintron (Monday, October 29 18 02:48 pm EDT)

    The Headache oil! It's wonderful, I'm using it,my granddaughters are using it as well. Thank you so much for recommending it
    It's a great comfort for them, and I love that it's all natural...

  • Mike cMarhefka (Saturday, August 12 17 10:31 pm EDT)

    I have been using Bees aid at night on my hammer toes and bunions , to my supprise the bumbles on the toe knuckle are shrinking along with the bunions and a callus on one toe

  • Catherine cintron (Saturday, June 11 16 09:00 am EDT)

    Hi Ana
    Love all your products
    Hemp soap a must for the children withexzema
    The sin flu candle ..can not start my day without it
    Body butter all the kids come to me for it
    Thank you

  • cathy cintron (Friday, February 05 16 04:10 pm EST)

    HI ana,
    I am still using your products and sharing them with family members all across the country,can not say enough about your products.
    I especially find your Hemp soap extremely good for all the children with exzema! Its been sent to Calidfornia,New Mexico ,and North Carolina just to mention a few,safe and EFFECTIVE
    thank you for caring enough to make a product such as this,

  • Cathy cintron,pa (Thursday, July 09 15 10:02 pm EDT)

    Love the products,hemp soap for all the kids eczema works so well.
    Body butter,amazing!
    The sin flu and sin flu candle were truely amazing my first winter with no illness.
    Body scub is just as wonderful as your other products,I share with family friends and even strangers I have met looking for relief
    Thank you for all of your amazing products

  • Cathy (Friday, January 16 15 08:51 am EST)

    Ana\'s products are amazing,I have used the Hemp soap on myself and the children to calm immediately the eczema that can be so bad when they flare up.I have shared this with so many family members it
    helps.I also follow it with Body the sin flu candle is wonderful I have asthmatic kids as well and I find having this in the house is like a breath of fresh air,they don\'t even know why
    they feel better....Try her products I not only recommend. Them I have purchased them for close friends and family because I have so much confidence in the products.

  • Shannon Wagner (Wednesday, November 26 14 02:22 pm EST)

    I have been using 4 of your products and I have to take a moment just to share with you how pleased I am with all of them! The first product that I use the conditioner and I use it on a daily basis.
    Not only does it smell WONDERFUL but it also does an amazing job at keeping my hair soft and healthy! The second item is the candle. The candles are amazing and work to keep our family from getting
    sick (Sin-flu). The third item is the lip balm. It is great for everyday use but I love how it can be used for other things such as burns. The last item that I love is the soaps! I use the green hemp
    soap for my face and the shea soap for my body. Thank you so very much for selling such wonderful products that we can trust and enjoy!

  • Julia Meurice (Thursday, May 22 14 09:53 pm EDT)

    I discovered Ana's products at the Charlotte Regional Farmer's Markets and was elated to find such a wide array of gentle, herb remedies for our everyday needs. I've used her Bee-Aid Body Balm and
    several candles. People often ask me what that incredible smell is when I light her candles. The body balm I use on any bruise or broken skin and it gently heals and repairs the skin cells. Truly she
    knows how to create incredibly high quality and medicinal products!

  • Carmen Green (Thursday, January 16 14 04:20 pm EST)

    I wanted to let you know that both my son and I have seriously burned our hands and have used this balm. It hurt for a little while and in the morning NOTHING!!!! no blister, no redness, no pain no
    sign of anything from the night before!!! Thanks you so much for this wonderful product!!! Carmen Green


My family has introduced to Ana's products a couple years ago at a public event in downtime Belmont NC. We are very pleased with the effectiveness of her products. My husband and I absolutely love the Bee's Aid Lip Balm. It works very well in stressful situations. Anytime I have a stressful meeting to prepare for or a complex project to complete, I apply the lip balm. It gives the calming effect. In addition, my son uses Ana's Body Butter for his excema. It is great avoiding the rashes and breakouts. It makes his skin smooth and soft.
Ana's products are great gifts for birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions. Last year Ana put together an excellent basket for my husband's birthday that consisted of her Body Butter, candles, Bee's Aid and Hemp Soap.
Ana and her staff are professional, kind and knowledgeable about all the ingredients in their products. They are very helpful in recommending products that meet your needs.
  • Cathy cintron(Friday, December 01 17 11:12 am EST)

    Back for more of your many products I absolutely depend on
    Gave many of your flyers to my health care
    Hope they went on your web site

  • Daniel Jarnigan(Friday, November 29 13 04:24 pm EST)

    The very first time I met Ana I knew she was a genuine person. That being said, when I learned of her all natural product line I was so excited! Finally someone so knowledgeable and so very close to
    my home where I could take advantage of her products. My teen girls were the most excited about the soaps. Very good results keep us coming back to Ana. Great job!


Ana’s Corner (of great natural stuff!) 


Hi Ana!  


I’m so thankful that we met at the Craft Fair in Sussex, NJ a few years ago.  I’m truly blessed to call you my friend and of course, my soap lady. Your natural green way of living truly inspires me! 

Thank you so much for the great natural products you offer.  


In this very crazy fast paced world we live in, it’s nice to slow it down with cozy cup of your ZZZ’s Tea. 


My son and I are big fans of your natural soaps.  I love the Shea butter/hemp mix (Ana’s Blend) soap which is great on my winter dry skin.  My son loves the hemp soap that keeps his face clear from breakouts.  

I also use your Bee’s-Aid Balm along with your Bee’s-Aid Lip Balm.  I truly adore your all natural products.   


Have a wonderful Holiday Season! 



Kathy Claeys 

Sussex, NJ 


"We were referred to Ana's by a friend and were extremely pleased with the product quality and customer service received. We definitely plan to buy from Ana's Corner in the near future!"


The O'Brian Family

Harleysville, Pa





"I absolutely love your products!  I sware the Bees-Aid has become a real must have in my purse!  It seems to heal all of my 5 years olds boo-boos and never burns.  I also love your soaps- I no longer dread the winters and dry, flaky because your shea butter soap has become my new best friend!  Thank you for all of your help and all of your wonderful products!  I look forward to working with you in the future."


The Mcconnell Family

Andover, NJ  

Dear Ana,
I want to tell you how much you products means to me. After a recent surgery your first aid cream healed my incision so quickly it shocked the surgeon when I returned for my two week visit. Not only did it heal the incision it also took the pain and discomfort away from it after every application. Along with the first aid cream I use your body cream and apply it all over including my face. My skin has had an amazing change including the loss of all my wrinkle lines from age and sun. The change has been astounding and I have been asked by many people what I have done. This change has increased my self esteem and made me feel much better about myself. I have spent the last 10 years spending alot of money on very expensive skin are products and all along I could have been using Ana's wonderful products. I will never be without any of her products.
Thanks Ana!!!!!
Diane Newsham

South Carolina

I  bought some of your products at the local Farmer's market. I love all my products but I REALLY love the Hemp and Shea soap blend! I smells so clean and nice, lathers wonderfully, and at the same time is so pretty! I will be back to buy more! I loved it so much I looked up your shop here on line for when I can't get to the local market! Keep up the good work... Love these natural products!!



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